Attenuators, Adapters, Caps, Shorts, Opens, Couplers, DC Blocks, Diplexers, Dividers, Terminations
Display Technologies and Magnetics, LCD Glass, LCD Character modules, LCD Graphic modules, OLED Modules
High reliability and military interconnect solutions. ITAR registered
Data acquisition products for industrial and military application, ITAR registered
Precision LC filters, Video & general purpose delay lines, Video Filters, Video hum eliminators, Isolation transformers, Digital delay lines, HDTV filters, Audio ground loop isolation transformers, Low pass video filters, Brickwall filters. 
Metal Enclosures, Standard and Custom, VME card racks, Plastic enclosures, Formed plastic, with no mold charges, with No Mold changes, Quick turn prototyping, Knobs
Small Signal Transistors, Power Transistors, JFET, General Purpose Rectifiers, Ultrafast Rectifiers, Fast Recovery Rectifiers, Schottky Rectifiers, Bridge Rectifiers, Current Limiting Diodes, Zener Diodes, Schottky Diodes, SCRs, Triacs, Small Signal MOSFET
Relays, Terminal Blocks, Connectors, Chip Inductor an Beads, Resettable Fuses
LED lamps and displays, Infrared LEDs, Photodetectors, Photointerrupters, Photo / Optocouplers
High Temperature Insulated Wire, Electrical Tubing, Fluid and Mechanical Tubing, Abrasion Resistant Control Cable Liners
Custom & standard transformers, Over 500 direct crosses to Signal & many other manufacturers, Quick deliveries, Reliable performance
Chemical milling, Custom Stampings, Board Level Shielding, EMI Shielding, Fabric Over Foam, Plated Foils, Electroplating Services
Custom power solutions for military and harsh environment applications
Trimmer Capacitors, Inductors, Transformers, Microwave Tuners, Varactor Diodes, Tuning Tools
2MS Technical Sales
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